Develop your systems thinking skills, tools,
& infrastructure

Our Services


Build systems thinking skills to apply qualitative and quantitative modeling techniques in interactive seminars.


Bring stakeholders together to model a strategic problem and analyze leverage points in a participatory process.

Modeling & Analysis

Develop a quantitative model to use as a management framework for testing policy and directing strategy.

Monitoring Infrastructure

Extend your data infrastructure to monitor actual performance against strategy using dashboarding tools.

About Mosaik

The tangram is a puzzle with the objective to form specific shapes using all seven pieces. The shapes form a mosaik representing the different components in a system necessary to align for visualizing a coherent picture. In our solution, the tree shows a focus on cultivating systems thinking methods to enable you to put the pieces in place to design your long-term strategy. The shape of your tangram can take many forms, but systems thinking can help to structure strategy, visualize many scenarios, and implement the optimum


Our Goal

Our goal is to help solve your tangram by building your systems thinking skills and applying it in practice. To accomplish this, we train skills for application of qualitative and quantitative modeling. We build models in facilitated group workshops to bring experts together and integrate knowledge. We provide quantitative modeling and analysis for policy testing and scenario evaluation, and turn models into simulation games for training. And, for implementation, we extend your data infrastructure for monitoring KPIs to control strategy

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Reach out to discuss systems thinking at: info at mosaik dot systems